Our Services

Decwootz Pvt Ltd is a group of vanavil projects and services, also have a multi disciplinary engineering firm, which undertakes consultancy & Engineering works for Design, Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning

Design and Detail Engineering

  • Design and Detailed Engineering Services for all type of civil and steel structure.
  • Engineering of Crane Girder, Supporting structure, KBK structure, Monorail Structure.
  • Mezzanine Floor, Miscellaneous Buildings, Pipe Rack structure, etc.
  • Engineering of Bunker, Steel Chimney, Silos, and Tanks Screen, Crusher.
  • Product and all type of Industrial Buildings etc.
  • Design and Engineering of all civil supports.

Fabrication Services

  • Pipe Rack Structure, Mezzanine floor, Miscellaneous Buildings, etc.
  • Fabrication of crane girder, Supporting structure, KBK Structure, Monorail Structure.
  • Refurbishment service for KBK, EOT Crane, Supporting structures, etc.

Erection Services

  • We follow the EHS rules with documentation.
  • Erection of Crane girder, supporting structure, KBK structure, monorail Structure.
  • Pipe Rack structure, Mezzanine floor, Storage shed, Crane supporting structure, Miscellaneous buildings, etc…